Janeann Dill

Janeann Dill’s films have screened widely in numerous international film festivals, on public television, and in theatrical and museum environments. Her art work has been exhibited throughout Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA; and her published writings as a Ph.D. in Media Philosophy have been translated into Spanish, Korean, and Arabic. Dill is working towards the completion of an historically pertinent documentary film that positions Jules Engel and the impact of experimental animation within the time line of art history, Visualizing Art History: Experimental Animation and Its Mentor, Jules Engel (1909-2003). Dr. Dill is presently a Visiting Faculty at Lesley University (AIB’s Animation and Motion Media Department) and the School of Museum of Fine Arts (Film and Animation Department).

“Philosophically, I am an interdisciplinary artist interested in experimental thinking as the fine art of all disciplines. Especially but not only, my creativity focuses on the in-between spaces that traverse disciplinary boundaries. This point of view pervades not only my personal art making but, as well, the institute I founded in 2008, Institute for Interdisciplinary Art and Creative Intelligence (ThinkTank). IIACI (pronounced ee-ah’-chee) encourages innovative research, praxis, and critical studies in the fields of experimental animation, installation art, the performance arts, the literary arts, electronic arts, drawing, painting, film, music and technologies.”