Jodi Colella

Mixed Media Sculpture and Installation.

As a sculptor who uses soft materials to create provocative, tactile works about human relationship I redefine traditional needle arts and found objects into artworks of contemporary relevance. There’s a presence of the maker in the shape of thousands of stitches, hand-wrought forms and, as in my collaboratives, the orchestrated actions of many.

I’m influenced by my travels and draw from historical and cultural experiences around me. Recent work was created in response to a residency in Shenzhen China where radical social changes have created confusing contradictions about identity and place.

My most recent residency in Thailand thrust me into another exotic experience where I shared a mudhouse with scorpions, centipedes, and more. These strange bedfellows feared me as much as I did them. Over time a mutual respect developed as we each learned about the other and I realized that neither my multi-legged roommates nor I were alone but part of a larger whole.